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see primroseprimrose,
common name for the genus Primula of the Primulaceae, a family of low perennial herbs with species found on all continents, most frequently in north temperate regions.
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a genus of stemless perennial herbaceous plants of the family Primulaceae. The plants form a tuberous rhizome and a rosette of long-petioled, rounded-reniform leaves. The drooping flowers are solitary and on long pedicels; their coloration is white, pink, and red. There are more than 20 species (according to other data, about 55), distributed in the Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. The USSR has six or seven species, growing in the Crimea and the Caucasus. The plants grow in mountain forests and in shrubbery thickets.

Commonly cultivated are varieties and hybrids of the large-flowered C. persicum. One of the best houseplants, it blossoms from October through March. After flowering the leaves die off, and the plants become dormant. The plant begins to grow again at the end of May, at which time transplantation is necessary. Propagation is by seeds, which are sown in hothouses in July and August. Seedlings are transplanted several times, first into boxes and then into pots. With proper care (sufficient light, moderate temperatures, regular but not excessive watering) the plants are long-lived, sometimes living more than 20 years. C. europeum, which has small aromatic flowers, is also grown as a houseplant. C. coum and C. vernum are grown in the open ground.


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traditional symbol of timidity. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 400]


1. any Old World plant of the primulaceous genus Cyclamen, having nodding white, pink, or red flowers, with reflexed petals
2. of a dark reddish-purple colour
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Cyclamen persicum is native to Lebanon, growing all over the country from the coast to 1200m.
Here, fountainlike burgundy cordyline plays off white cyclamen and plum 'Palace Purple' heuchera in bowls atop brick pillars.
Cyclamen has silky petals in red, pink, mauve, or white, with distinctive V-shaped markings on its heart-shaped leaves.
She has never ventured offshore before; working with Gates' factory in China has brought prices down from what is typically charged for a Cyclamen product (a dinner plate will retail for about $12).
After the deluge of poinsettias at Christmas, a number of lovely spring flowers appear on the market--a variety of bulbs with flowers in pastel shades; primulas with flowers in red, pink, blue, white or yellow--and then there are cyclamen, with flowers in white with red centres, pure white, pink, red, lavender, some with frilled petals, and some delicately scented.
Some top autumn flowerers are Crinum macowanii, Scilla scilloides, Cyclamen hederifolium, Amaryllis belladonna, Leucojum autumnalei, Colchicum and Nerine.
It is for control of mites (European and Southern red, two-spotted, Carmine, and spruce spider mites, tarsonemid mites, cyclamen and broad mites, Eriophyid mites, rust and bud mites), aphids, thrips, whiteflies, and certain leafminers.
CYCLAMEN SITE: Around the roots of some of our trees, we're planting more Cyclamen hederifolium.
Pretty pink petals and leaves the best for last CYCLAMEN hederifolium, the ivyleaved cyclamen, isn't in flower any longer.
Pink heathers and cyclamen make an eye-catching autumn planting scheme and quite an unusual hue from the normal burnt oranges, burgundies or yellows.