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A congenital anomaly characterized by fusion of the eye sockets with various degrees of fusion of the eyes, to the occurrence of a single median eye.



a developmental anomaly in humans and animals, in which a single eye is located in the middle of the forehead or two eyeballs grow in a single eye socket. Cyclopia occurs when the primordium of the eye fails to divide normally. It is usually combined with other developmental anomalies. Infants stricken with cyclopia die within weeks after birth.

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While other breast cancer drugs appeared to increase the risk of cancer of the uterus, Visser's study suggested that Cyclopia extracts did not have this effect.
Explain to students that in order to test our hypothesis that cyclopamine is inhibiting Shh signaling and that this in turn is causing cyclopia, we need to check the expression pattern of Shh to see if it is expressed in the right place and at the right time during development.
South African herbal teas: Aspalathus linearis, Cyclopia spp.
We have previously, for the first time, demonstrated that hot water extracts of Cyclopia maculata and Cyclopia subternata, endemic South African plants that are consumed as herbal teas, inhibit adipogenesis in 3T3-Ll adipocytes.