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The constitutive and the geometrical parameters of the planar microstrip antenna and the above-considered cylindrical antenna are the same, with the geometrical dimension [W.
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Various methods similar to those used for the circular conducting slotted antenna were employed in the two-dimensional (2-D) and three dimensional cases to obtain different radiation characteristics of the dielectric-coated slotted cylindrical antenna [6-8].
In [12], the DGF approach to FDTD simulations was demonstrated in the design process of the ultra-wideband cylindrical antenna.
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For cylindrical antennas, analytical expressions are derived to calculate the SPP wavelength of an infinitely long wire and the phase pickup upon reflection for an abruptly ending nano wire.
In addition to high technical performance, the aim was to get away from conventional discrete, gray, cylindrical antennas and satisfy aesthetic criteria to produce a stylish antenna.