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The cartridge primer pocket was a much simpler cylindrical cavity with only a single, larger-diameter flash hole in the center of the pocket.
Vesic [1] proposed an approximate solution based on the Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion for both spherical and cylindrical cavity expansion problems.
In [6], it was adopted to predict the crosstalk of a cable bundle within a cylindrical cavity which is considered as the ground return.
By locating a cylindrical cavity on the crossed bowtie dipoles, unidirectional radiation patterns have been achieved with the impedance bandwidth of 50% [8].
The right circular cylindrical cavity is well suited to make measurements on a cylindrical plasma, such resonant cavities are used in this way (see Fig.
Zhang, "A novel dual-loop coupler for one-port cylindrical cavity permittivity measurement," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
20], the insertion of a rotationally symmetric object (such as dielectric sleeve) together with a metallic post into the cylindrical cavity will offer us greater flexibility in adjusting the phases of the eigenvalues associated with the component's scattering matrix.
Setting the charged density of the center line X, then from the electric field intensity in the cylindrical cavity, the potential difference between the inner and outer walls of the cylinder was deduced [10],
info), a producer of laser-sintering machines, suggested another solution: two arrays of 11 plastic modules; each module would accommodate 18 cells, each in its own cylindrical cavity.
This, together with the cylindrical cavity inside, indicates that this object was originally a storage jar, probably for either tea or tobacco.
The pressure fluctuations within the combustion chamber are acoustic in nature as their amplitude is small compared to the mean in-cylinder pressure at the time they occur [17] and the geometry of a direct injection-type combustion chamber can be approximated as cylindrical cavity having plane ends [3].