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a percussion instrument of indefinite pitch consisting of a thin circular piece of brass, which vibrates when clashed together with another cymbal or struck with a stick



an orchestral percussion instrument consisting of a brass disk 400 mm in diameter with a leather strap attached to the center on the outside. When struck together in pairs, cymbals produce a prolonged ringing sound.

References in classic literature ?
But now, immediately before the third quatrain or chorus, sung fortissimo, with emphatic raps of the table, which gave the effect of cymbals and drum together, Alick's can was filled, and he was bound to empty it before the chorus ceased.
The cymbals and horns in the orchestra struck up more loudly, and this man with bare legs jumped very high and waved his feet about very rapidly.
The players were not tin, being just ordinary Winkies; but the instruments they played upon were all tin--tin trumpets, tin fiddles, tin drums and cymbals and flutes and horns and all.
And there all day, and day after day, there was bustle and crowding and labor, while the great ships loaded up, and one after the other spread their white pinions and darted off to the open sea, amid the clash of cymbals and rolling of drums and lusty shouts of those who went and of those who waited.
It is so, for cymbals clash, and the Sultan goes by to his palace in long procession.
Either in clasping her hands again, or in an ecstasy of pious joy, Miss Miggs clinked her pattens after the manner of a pair of cymbals, at this juncture; and then resumed, in the softest accents:
With a 20-200 000 Hz frequency range, the Cymbal provides a multi-faceted listening experience with clear highs, mids, and lows; as well as Apple 3-touch technology.
Employers and employees alike should be reminded of how the cymbal business continues to both make lovely music and remain resolutely quiet at the same time.
Cleaver did some exceptional drumming here, including some moving mallet work on cymbals and some extended play on hand-held percussion instruments.
The central scene is activated when the cymbals come together; the image spreads in a contrary movement, not toward the back of the space but forward, toward the entrance.
The 45-rpm pressing has an ultra-silent background, bringing out every detail in every instrument--including the ride cymbal, I'm afraid.
And then there's me, lost among the stacked clutter of snares, cymbals and a kick drum.