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4,6) On the other hand, larger tumors demonstrate a fibrous pseudocapsule and have a variegated cut surface, with areas of friable and cystic degeneration and hemorrhage (Figure 2).
Area of cystic degeneration, fibrinoid material surrounded by longitudinal muscles.
The third pattern is similar to the second except for a persistent, central, nonenhancing area representing cystic degeneration or scar.
1) The traumatic theory postulates that repeated trauma results in stretching and distortion of the vessel wall, which leads to destruction and cystic degeneration of the adventitia.
The differential diagnosis includes simple cysts, echinococcal cysts, liver abscesses, cystic degeneration of a liver neoplasm, Caroli's disease, posttraumatic cysts, and polycystic diseases.
Retroperitoneal schwannomas typically form large, well-circumscribed masses and frequently undergo cystic degeneration.
The leiomyosarcomas were more likely to have areas of hemorrhagic necrosis and cystic degeneration.
8] In addition, lesions larger than 12 cm may have cystic degeneration and hemorrhagic areas in 17% and 27% of cases, respectively.
Cystic degeneration may be present secondary to poor vascularization of the tumor.