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(invertebrate zoology)
A larva of tapeworms in the order Cyclophyllidea that has a bladder with a single invaginated scolex.



a larval stage of tapeworms. The cysticercus resembles a cyst whose wall is retracted in one place to form the head; the head has suckers and sometimes hooks. The cysticercus develops from an oncosphere in any organ (frequently in muscles, brain, and eye) of its intermediate host, such as swine and cattle. After entering its definitive host, for example, a human being, the cysticercus protrudes from the cyst and the larva is transformed into an adult worm.

The cysticercus is characteristic of most tapeworms, the pork and beef tapeworms in particular.

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In two weeks when the tapeworm eggs had developed into cysticercoids, the beetles were dissected and the number of cysticercoids in each host recorded.
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