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For determination of adenosine, D-mannitol and cordycepin, a Purospher Lichro CART PP18 column (Merck) was used at 40[degrees]C.
Cordycepin but not D-mannitol or adenosine induces apoptosis in leukemic HL-60 cells
The KetalPhos family, hydroxyl phospholanes and their diastereomers can be prepared from common and accessible D-mannitol, making these catalysts very cost-effective," said Professor Xumu Zhang, Chief Technology Officer of Chiral Quest.
However, they showed a positive result for Thornley's arginine dihydrolase test, growth at 28[degrees]C, nitrate reduction, starch degradation, acid production from D-mannitol, use of citrate as sole carbon source, and susceptibility to O/129 (150 [micro]g/disc).
The agreement transfers to zuChem all rights to a worldwide patent portfolio of microbial fermentation methods of producing D-mannitol, a reduced calorie sweetener.
6,576,772) covering composition of matter for chiral bisphosphine ligands derived from D-mannitol to The Penn State Research Foundation, a non-profit corporation.