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C10H14N2O5 A nucleoside derived from deoxyribonucleic acid; essential growth factor for certain microorganisms in mediums lacking vitamin B12 and folic acid.



a natural organic compound, a nucleoside consisting of the pyrimidine base thymine and the carbohydrate deoxyri-bose. Thymidine is made up of acicular crystals that are readily soluble in water. With respect to chemical properties, it is a weak base. Thymidine is present in all living cells as a constituent of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Thymidine tagged with radioactive tritium is extensively used in laboratories to study DNA biosynthesis and the repair of DNA after injury.

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Measurement of the dThd and dUrd nucleosides in plasma revealed increased concentrations of both nucleosides in all of the MNGIE patients, whereas no pyrimidine nucleosides were detected in the other groups (Table 1) (11).
Only MNGIE patients have increased plasma concentrations of both dUrd (>5 [micro]mol/L) and dThd (>3 [micro]mol/L), whereas mutation carriers with partially reduced TP activity have no detectable pyrimidine nucleosides (<0.
On the basis of our results, we propose an algorithm using measurements of dThd and dUrd in plasma and TP activity in buffy coat to diagnose MNGIE.