daddy longlegs

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daddy longlegs,

name applied to the harvestmanharvestman,
arachnid, often called daddy longlegs because of its eight long, slender legs. The harvestman has a rounded or oval body possessing glands that give off an acrid scent.
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, an arachnid, and to the crane flycrane fly,
true fly resembling a mosquito, often called daddy longlegs because of its six long, delicate legs. (The harvestman, also called daddy longlegs, belongs to an unrelated order.) Most species of crane flies have a single pair of wings and slender bodies.
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, an insect.
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5lb in three visits using buzzers, daddy longlegs and cat's whisker lures.
But the plague is good news for birds and other creatures that feed on daddy longlegs.
It was a tough six months at first as I looked like a daddy longlegs on a bike.
And this is where Dall would insert daddy longlegs.
Actually, in reality, the daddy longlegs is not very poisonous, but it was a fun way of proving a point.
But wouldn't it be good if, every now and again, they sat at the table, where dad is carving the joint and mum is stirring lumps out of the gravy and granny is preparing stories about the good old days - when people said grace and everyone knew the words to the songs and there was a little more time to consider the wonders of a daddy longlegs walking upside down?
For their latest feature, the hazily autobiographical Daddy Longlegs, they've mined the tumultuous joy of their childhood with a well meaning but haphazard divorced dad.
The water has been fishing well with a rod average of three and another 13lb fish was caught from the bank at Cocks Close by Maxstoke's Adrian Cooper, with Hare's Ears and Daddy Longlegs also working well.
Spiders: We're set for more spiders and daddy longlegs than usual this autumn thanks to more of the blighters breeding in last year's wet weather.
AI suspect they are pecking out leatherjackets, the grubs of the daddy longlegs.
There is a belief that the daddy longlegs (sometimes called "harvestman") is a spider with deadly venom but that its fangs cannot go through human skin.
Astronomical data for May The phases of the Warbler Moon and the Daddy Longlegs Moon