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Van Beck is an officer of the American Daffodil Society and serves on the board of the Cherokee Garden Library at the Atlanta History Center.
The mutual's branch, in Northumberland Street, Newcastle, is encouraging customers to take a daffodil for a suggested donation of PS1.
Every year people across the country buy and wear a Marie Curie daffodil to show their support for this hard-working organisation which works tirelessly to help people and families facing cancer.
SUPERMARKETS have reportedly been asked to make sure daffodils kept separate from fruit and vegetables in a bid to prevent customers mistakenly eating the poisonous plants.
In the letter, entitled "Steps to avoid daffodil poisonings this daffodil poisonings this spring", spring", PHE director Professor rofessor Paul Cosford said: "said: "Each spring stores such as yours provide a wide selection of flowers, particularly cut daffodils and daffodil bulbs.
As Alison Steadman stars in a television advert for the Great Daffodil Appeal thanking the Marie Curie Nurses who provided care for her mother in a Marie Curie Hospice before she died, local fundraisers and volunteers have been asking: What does your daffodil say?
The appeal is Marie Curie's biggest fundraiser, which encourages everyone to give a donation and wear a daffodil pin during the month.
Marie Curie Cancer Care's biggest fundraiser needs volunteers to encourage local people to give a donation and wear a daffodil pin.
It is my favourite daffodil with pale, milky lemon flowers and narrow, dainty leaves.
With planning for the 2014 campaign already underway, the local Marie Curie fundraising team are looking for volunteers to help in a variety of roles - from organising local collections to delivering boxes of daffodils.
USUALLY BY LATE FEBRUARY and before our magnificent hardwood trees leaf out, early spring-flowering shrubs are blooming and, to quote Wordsworth, daffodils begin to "toss their heads in sprightly dance.
They include the rare Throckmorton daffodils created by American family descendent and daffodil historian Dr Tom Throckmorton.