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The daily mean Ta was calculated as the mean of the daily maximum and minimum temperatures (daily mean Ta varied from approximately 7.
This setting provides a unique opportunity to examine: a) the effects of heat waves on mortality in 400 communities in 18 countries/regions; b) effect modification by heat wave characteristics (intensity and duration); c) whether heat waves had added effects on mortality; d) regional differences in the heat wave effects; e) potential factors contributing to the heterogeneity of heat wave effects on mortality; and f comparison for heat waves defined by daily mean, minimum, and maximum temperatures.
Diurnal temperature ranges were set at 5degC, 10degC and 15degC with the same daily mean temperature and accumulated growing degree days (GDDa).
However, we are not confident if these responses were the consequence of the daily mean temperatures, the maximum thermal treatments, from 10:00 to 16:00 hours, the daily temperature ranges, or from a combined effect of all these regimens.
The daily mean air temperature was determined as the average of the daily maximum and minimum temperatures.
Watch the video above to see animations of some of the early 1900s voyages based against the daily mean, minimum and maximum satellite-derived ice edges.
All missing data (usually 1 or 2 daily mean values per data lapse) were compensated with mean datum from before and after the lapse period (<2% of all data).
Wind was likely another important factor in prompting birds to seek shelter and warmth inside buildings, because the most extreme daily mean wind chills were recorded on 9 and 10 October 2009, which were 1 to 2 d prior to when birds were observed indoors.
Lastly, the total patient daily counts indexed by visit date (days) and the overall daily mean of ozone and temperature measurement were calculated, along with the day of the week, to prepare the dataset for time-series analysis.
Centrally located with four distinct seasons, Little Rock has a daily mean temperature of 62.