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An important feature of the FluidCheK is that it performs a completely "non-contact inspection" This means that the products are not touched at anytime as they pass through the machine to prevent product handling issues and damaged pack labels.
The once enormous retail empire, a high street name for decades, had been reduced to a single display stand showcasing a few bottles of indeterminate content, a damaged pack of Christmas baubles and a box of tights.
This would increase the likelihood of damaged packs and greater wastage of product which would, in turn, increase the environmental impact, not reduce it.
The chosen X-ray inspection system is an Ishida IX-GA 2475, which can not only detect unwanted metal, plastic, glass, stone, rubber and bone, but can also draw attention to underfilled or damaged packs.
designed to reject damaged packs and those without labels or where labels are unreadable.