sprung floor

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resilient floor

A wood floor, laid on battens, having the quality of springiness (e.g., a floor supported by spring clips); especially used as a dance floor, gymnasium floor, etc.
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Graham Newton was kneed in the groin and struck in the chest by Scott Smith who ran across the dance floor at him, a court heard.
An article published in the Wee Free church's magazine says: "It has now become the fashion for some ministers, office bearers and members of the Free Church to take to the dance floor at weddings.
by a beautifully decorated lounge, circular wood bar, glass enclosed humidor & a strategically placed dance floor.
Proceeds from past events have helped purchase a new dance floor and mirrors for the dance company as well as a CD player, microphones and sheet music for the choir.
The layout includes an elevated bamboo dance floor, cabanas, private booths with water sofas and sky boxes with private balconies.
Raising the hands of each contestant, Schell judges the winner based on the hoots and hollers of the beer-sipping crowd ringing the dance floor.
2) Savanna, a new club in Lancaster for teens, features a 5,000-square- foot dance floor and a snack bar.
The audience can just sit back and watch the proceedings, but there is also plenty of opportunity to intermingle with the cast members both on and off the dance floor.
For those who like all the little details, event chairwoman Kathy Merrill of Westlake Village said the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel's grand ballroom was lavishly decorated with jewel-toned silk banners suspended over the dance floor, and tables were accented with antique silver candelabra topped with Christmas tree topiaries decorated with tiny lights and crystal icicles.
Savvy Brit duo Basement Jaxx (knob twirlers Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton) currently rule the dance floor as the new kings of house music.
Huge dance floor, live shows Thursdays through Saturdays.
Regis Philbin has just hopped off the dance floor at Merv Griffin's new Coconut Club, and he's huffing and puffing - just a little bit - but he's also feverishly excited in a way that only Regis can be.