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The happy dandelion seed planted herself by the pond, meeting nematodes and earthworms in the moist earth which helped her to grow healthy roots.
GARDENERS should help bees by giving a place to flowers such as dandelions and never using pesticides, TV garden expert Monty Don has said.
Research suggests the insects like native species, including gorse, willow, hawthorn and dandelion.
Or you could check the time with a dandelion clock.
Contract notice: Reinforcing the innovation capacity of dandelion, ltd.
The Dandelion Fountain, on Roanne Ringway, is "the epitome of the perfect one-way gyratory", says the organisation behind the gongs, The UK Roundabout Appreciation Society.
The dandelion fountain will be a familiar sight for people driving through the town, mainly because the road it sits on, the A444, is regularly gridlocked.
In your March/April 2016 issue, we were delighted to see the article on the Dandelion Cottage in Marquette.
With a taste of juniper and hint of dandelion, heather and rowan berry, it is perfectly served with a slice of red apple.
Told in first person, a little girl is upset when her practical father mows the lawn and gets rid of the dandelion weeds.
Together they find some white dandelion puffy seed balls, and they make a special ceremony out of blowing all the parachuted seeds away into the breeze.