danse macabre

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danse macabre:

see Death, Dance ofDeath, Dance of,
or danse macabre
, originally a 14th-century morality poem. The poem was a dialogue between Death and representatives of all classes from the Pope down. By the 15th cent., pictorial representation with verses illustrating the pictures became common.
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danse macabre

Dance of Death; procession of all on their way to the grave. [Art: Osborne, 299–300, 677]
See: Death

Danse Macabre

Saint-Saëns’ musical depiction of a dance of the dead. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 1906]
See: Horror
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On the contrary, very different intentions--moral, commercial, and personal--lie behind each image and account for the wealth of contextualizing detail that is specific to each: the danse macabre images belong to a long moralizing tradition that, in fact, predates the invention of printing; the Badius devices were produced to mark a book as the product of a particular commercial enterprise; and the Durer drawing was sent to a friend as a sort of humorous, personalized Christmas card.
It was then that Obama's partner in this danse macabre, Putin, rushed to the rescue by flying an unbelievable kite regarding "international control" over Assad's chemical weapons--weapons that the Syrian insists he does not have.
The danse macabre represents an illuminating context, and offers a genuinely new interpretive approach to what is a notoriously troublesome text.
This section explores the relationship between the three texts written by the main scribe in the manuscript: Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes, which begins imperfectly and runs from folio 1r to folio 76r; the Series, which runs from folio 76r to folio 148r; and Lydgate's Danse Macabre (Text A), which runs from folio 148r to folio 158v.
One of the liveliest and most prolific essayists of the French fin-de-siecle was Camille Saint-Saens, remembered today mostly for Samson and Dalilah, Carnival of the Animals, and Danse macabre.
The concert in the Church of St Peter & St Paul, Butlers Marston, will include Bach's Double Violin Concerto in D minor, Saint Saens' Danse Macabre for solo piano, and Dvorak's Piano Quintet Op 81.
He and conditional jockey Lee Edwards had a double with selling handicap hurdle winner Danse Macabre and handicap chase victor Chicago Alley.
Huddled on the sides, they silently witness the danse macabre of electoral politics in a township they love.
The award for best Canadian short film went to Pedro Pires for Danse Macabre, which was based on a concept by Robert Lepage.
Part 3, "Social Performance: Identity, Language, Authority" includes Jonathan Decter, "The Hidden Exilarch: Power and Performance in a Medieval Jewish Ceremony" (179-92); Daisy Delogu, "Desire, Deception, and Display: Linguistic Performance in Jehan de Saintre" (193-206); Helen Swift, "Points of Tension: Performing Je in Jean Bouchet's Jugement poetic de l'honneur feminin" (207-22); Rebecca Zorach, "'Taken by night from its tomb': Triumph, Dissent, and Danse Macabre in Sixteenth-Century France" (223-48).
The Dance House is David's take on the medieval Danse Macabre to Shostakovich.
The standout chapter involves no risk, just a spooky form of rapture; a dance between the living and the dead, the Danse Macabre.