danse macabre

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danse macabre:

see Death, Dance ofDeath, Dance of,
or danse macabre
, originally a 14th-century morality poem. The poem was a dialogue between Death and representatives of all classes from the Pope down. By the 15th cent., pictorial representation with verses illustrating the pictures became common.
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danse macabre

Dance of Death; procession of all on their way to the grave. [Art: Osborne, 299–300, 677]
See: Death

Danse Macabre

Saint-Saëns’ musical depiction of a dance of the dead. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 1906]
See: Horror
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The danse macabre represents an illuminating context, and offers a genuinely new interpretive approach to what is a notoriously troublesome text.
It recalls great composers who have appeared on the Town Hall stage here: Elgar, represented in the programme by the opening movement of his great Organ Sonata - but regrettably not the whole magnificent piece, recently recorded so triumphantly by Trotter for Regent Records - and Saint-Saens, whose Danse Macabre is played in an arrangement by E.
15 Danse Macabre was the theme tune to which 90s mystery series starring Alan Davies?
For Miller's Crossing, which they termed a "shameless rip-off" of Dashiell Hammett, they created the "Thompson jitterbug" montage, a danse macabre propelled by a submachine gun to the strains of "Danny Boy.
Hamilton's latest "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" novel Danse Macabre (1596000414, $29.
The Snowden show started when favourite Danse Macabre got the better of Diamond Mick by six lengths and the treble was completed with First Love making all in the Queen's colours.
Haqqani, one of the foremost scholars of modern Pakistan, gives us the full history of the danse macabre that Pakistan's religious ideologues and military and intelligence leaders have performed together over the decades.
Danse Macabre turned out to be an ingenious but uncertainly developed theme of skipping skeletons and skulls descending hell-ward to the Saint-Saens music.
Danse macabre, on the other hand, is numbered among the orchestral works (as no.
In Stephen King's Danse Macabre, the master of modern horror wrote that thrillers are divided into two types: those about "outside evil"--which present danger as an attack by aliens or monsters--and those about "inside evil," which offer up horror as something homegrown.
This danse macabre plays against a bass of nagging sexuality (e.
The danse macabre that appears in late medieval painting signified the desire to domesticate death or to become familiar with it through its ubiquitous presence, a friendly partnership, as it were.