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The leaf variations are far and wide, from deep, rich green to variegated, dappled white and light green.
The fallow deer is one of the few deer species to keep its spots as an adult, helping it to hide in the shadows and dappled sunlight of its woodland home from predators like the European lynx.
Another series features the Gwaun Valley - secret views of the river in dappled light - while a third selection of paintings focus on storms and changing winter light.
The packaging features Anderson Valley's traditional valley scene, dappled with snow, and framed by springs of holly.
In 480 BC, King Xerxes camped his Persian army in a grove of those stately trees, distinguished by their smooth, dappled trunks.
The cells create a "floating" appearance and cast a dappled pattern that brings the eye upward.
The dark green leaves which emerge after the flowers last for most of the year and it will grow in any fertile garden soil in partial or dappled shade.
Physalis is easily grown in virtually any soil, in sun or dappled shade, and just needs tidying in late winter or early spring by cutting the old stems down to ground level.
The flowers are excellent for cutting and will tolerate sun or dappled shade, preferring moist but well-drained fertile soil.
These plants thrive in the dappled shade and come in all shades to suit different colour schemes and tastes.
Growing 5m x 5m (15ft x 15ft), it prefers a sheltered site in dappled shade, as the flowers often prove particuarly prone to frost damage.
8m high clubroom a unique quality of dappled light.