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(organic chemistry)


A notch in a timber for receiving another timber or into which the head of a pile is fitted.


(1) (Distributed APp) See DApp.

(2) (Directory Access Protocol) A protocol used to gain access to an X.500 directory listing. See LDAP. See also DAAP.

(3) (Digital Audio Player) See digital music player.
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Measurements of n DF (%) GM (95% CI) pregnancy (nmol/L) First half of pregnancy Total DAPs 262 90.
I was once given intelligence which explained why a dap is called a dap.
The sources of these nontoxic DAPs will vary with individual produce, and they cannot be distinguished by urine testing.
and then back up to the home page and click on the penguin to go to the download page for a free copy of the new Linux driver for PCI DAP boards.
EPA are biotransformed to DETP, DEP, or four other DAPs that are excreted in urine and measured in the same analytical method (Bravo et al.
DAPS also protects companies from the financial burden of business interruptions and the loss of corporate data.
DAPS accepts various forms of customer funding including Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs), lines of accounting and government credit cards to pay for an order through its online service.
We compared effect estimates for urinary DAPs measured in early versus late pregnancy and in the prenatal versus postnatal periods using seemingly unrelated estimation (Weesie 1999); we used the mean postnatal DAP concentrations (as opposed to AUC) for these analyses in order to compare metrics with similar units.
Our recommended standards will create improved DAP services, greater clarity and protection for homebuyers, industry transparency and lower default rates, just as Nehemiah has experienced for the past seven years," continued Scott Syphax.
This is made possible by monitoring the current DAPS while not ignoring the potentiality of other voluntary clients to host DAPS.
DAPS has gained considerable expertise helping other DoD activities convert their paper documents into digital databases," notes Leonard Xavier, the director of the DAPS Great Lakes, Ill.
The JMC did not have a central repository of the records until DAPS got involved in the project.