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see hyraxhyrax
, name for rabbit-sized mammals of Africa and SW Asia comprising the family Procavidae. Although rodentlike in appearance, hyraxes are hoofed mammals, or ungulates (see Chordata), most closely related to elephants and sea cows.
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We genetically characterized the causative pathogen of meerkat TB as a novel MTC strain that has several genetic features typical of the dassie bacillus and M.
Browsing antelope are likely to have been snared, along with ground game such as dassies and hares.
Die hoe berge is 'n tuiste vir die klipbokke, die rotse is 'n skuilplek vir die dassies.
Because of the high density of orchids we didn't see many flies visiting the flowers, but on the nearby dassie carcass we caught a lot of flies carrying orchid pollen, providing ample 'smoking gun' evidence of how common this interaction was.
Substituting "morn," "mum," "pap" or "pop" for "dad" in the limerick, if such could be done, would mandate the complete revision of its first and fifth lines, which if nothing else would obviate the dassie question.