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An example of data abstraction, and its inherent risks, is identity specification and testing.
Names or identification numbers of HIV/AIDS patients were not included in the data abstraction sheet.
The new funding round will help further the development and marketing of the company's new data abstraction platform Clix Enrich.
The data abstraction layer will provide fully data storage and access in a secure way through different cloud providers.
This unique trauma registry allows for direct data input from all echelons of combat casualty care, and is used for data abstraction and analysis by Active and Reserve nurses of the Army, Air Force, and the Navy.
Computers are valuable to a variety of attack including denial of service, confidentiality breeders, data abstraction.
The goals of the templates were to prompt ordering of the performance markers, to improve documentation of the 10 performance markers, and to improve accuracy of the data abstraction.
A presentation-layer page for user login would transfer "username" and "password" data elements, which probably are part of a data abstraction.
Two independent reviewers handled study selection, assessment, and data abstraction.
The specific tools discussed are the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library with OGR, a collection of application programming interfaces and command-line utilities for raster and vector data; OpenEV for desktop GIS and imagery analysis; UMN MapServer, which includes command-line tools to build CGI web applications; and PostGIS, an extension to the PostgreSQL database management system that allows the user to store and manipulate spatial data alongside tabular data.
Rather than attempting to sort concepts into conventional chapters, Dewhurst has come up with an innovative way to present his material in a list of over 60 "items" specific to individual issues or functions such as data abstraction, polymorphism, new cast operators, copy operators, when pointers are not really pointers, STL function objects, capability queries, array allocation, and templates of various stripes.