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DecisionEd's solution will support our District's strategic plan, OPPORTUNITY21, and our goal to create a results-driven, district-wide accountability system to inform teaching and learning," said Lambrina Kless, Data Administrator for SJUSD.
It is understood he married data administrator Lisa last year after turning over a new leaf.
Most of the ECS client utilities such as Data Administrator or Management Console that are available locally from the desktop are now also available as parallel Web utilities from within the WebECS interface.
One of the reasons we have continued to recommend the purchase of Toughbooks is because Panasonic listens to their customers and constantly looks for innovative ways to support the work we do every day," said Chris Gore, Mobile Data Administrator, Harris County Sheriff's Office.
We've counted on VERITAS to protect our data for more than six years, and the latest version of Backup Exec will now help us cost-effectively protect the important data in our remote offices through a single, centralized management console at headquarters," said Mike Menard, systems and data administrator, Stanley Aviation.
Included in this suite of products is PageScope Net Care and PageScope Web Connection, as well as PageScope utilities such as PageScope Data Administrator, and PageScope plug-ins -- PageScope EMS Plug-Ins and NDPS Gateway.
Behind the scenes, InterAction's intelligent, rules-based synchronization process identifies potential duplicates and data inconsistencies, routing questionable data to the data administrator, who can take appropriate action to resolve the conflict before saving the information to the database.

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