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Vigilent offers powerful systems based on patented, artificial intelligence technology that transform data center cooling into a managed resource.
If desired, Opengate customers can also safely raise the data center cooling supply air temperature to the upper ASHRAE limit without any region in the data center being more than a few degrees greater than the supply air temperature.
BOSTON -- CoolChip Technologies today became the grand prize winner of the MIT Clean Energy Prize for their revolutionary technology that reduces data center cooling needs.
Nair will present Understanding Airflow: The Single Most Critical Factor in Achieving Data Center Cooling Efficiency which covers the fundamentals of airflow, fan theory & VFDs, as well as the effect of underfloor impedance, and challenges in airflow distribution in contained aisles.
The need for efficient data center cooling is growing quickly, as its global market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2024, according to a study from Market Study Report.
Coupled with vRAID technology, performance is not impacted by the time delay associated with devices in a low power state, thus guaranteeing a consistent level of performance while saving power and data center cooling.
In a traditional data center cooling design, a CRAC (computer room air conditioning) unit distributes cold air throughout the facility.
Triad Floors is also the creator of the River Cooling System, which provides reductions of up to 40% in data center cooling energy costs by replacing ineffective airflow systems with improved fluid dynamics management.
Data center cooling has changed more in the last five years than any other data center system.
com)-- Malaysian based green data center equipment manufacturer Green Data Center LLP (GDC) has won the coveted Chairman's Award at the bi-annual Global ICT Excellence Awards 2016 held this year in Brazil for its ground breaking Eco2 data center cooling technology.
It can decrease the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of data center cooling to 1.
The Minkels product portfolio includes modular solutions for data center housing (VariconA); data center cooling, including DX cooling for small server rooms and Cold CorridorA aisle containment solutions (VariConditionA); data center power distribution (VariconPowerA); data center monitoring (VariControlA); as well as a broad range of data center accessories.