data conferencing

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data conferencing

Sharing data interactively among several users in different locations. Data conferencing is made up of whiteboards and application sharing and are often used in conjunction with an audio or videoconferencing connection.

A whiteboard is the electronic equivalent of the chalkboard or flip chart. Participants at different locations simultaneously write and draw on an on-screen notepad viewed by everyone.

Application Sharing and Application Viewing
Application sharing is the same as remote control software, in which multiple participants can interactively work in an application that is loaded on only one user's machine. Application "viewing" is similar to application "sharing;" however, although all users can see the document, only one person can actually edit it. See whiteboard, application sharing, remote control software and T.120.

A Whiteboard
In this example, two people are collaborating on a drawing that one of them pasted into the whiteboard while they were connected in a NetMeeting conference. Using the whiteboard's red marker, a particular area of interest was circled.
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For conference service providers, Spectel DataXchange provides greater voice and value-added service revenue, heightened security, and increased profit margins, particularly when compared with reselling other data conferencing services available on the market.
These applications include simultaneous voice and data conferencing for mobile professionals or "road warriors," streaming audio, data and video for corporate address announcements, sales training, and broadcasts to large audiences.
It also includes data conferencing services that enable application sharing, whiteboarding, and chat using Microsoft NetMeeting, which can be integrated into applications like MeetingPlace.
Our data conferencing services deliver truly collaborative solutions.
The ConferEase XCS Series is the only solution on the market today to provide a fully interoperable, cost-effective multipoint audio and data conferencing tool to meet the needs of both small and large organizations.
The applications for real-time, interactive data conferencing are endlessyfrom design reviews to contract negotiations to distance learning.
Our LiveShare Plus data conferencing software is greatly enhanced with the ability to use a single phone line for both voice and data.
The demonstration will feature high-quality, fully interactive multipoint voice, video and data conferencing with full connectivity to all voice and video devices.
SIPquest's existing product portfolio provides a full range of modular SIP-based client and server products including: a family of converged client products that spans the desktop, VoWiFi and cellular devices; a modular suite of servers that delivers audio conferencing, video conferencing, data conferencing, instant messaging, presence, and a SIP to H.
Data Connection Limited (DCL) is the leading independent developer and supplier of email, voicemail and unified messaging solutions, as well as audio, video and data conferencing.
The United States Fund for UNICEF selected Arkadin to provide audio and data conferencing services to its US employees in an effort to improve communications.

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