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Responsible for delivery of all data conversion services related activities
WNIG's senior vice president of IT, Mike Braun, said, 'We have a great deal of confidence in SiSi Group's experience to help us ensure a successful and efficient data conversion effort.
The primary objective of claims data conversion is to transform legacy claims data to new claims platforms in such a way that legacy claims can continue to be processed within new business process configurations.
Companies don't have the luxury of shutting down their operations when data conversion takes place.
Details of Data Conversion Laboratory's Harmonizer(TM) service can be found at: http://www.
For these reasons, ASCII is an often used data exchange, data migration, or data conversion format or standard.
DCL's efficient data conversion process allows clients the freedom to integrate existing content assets into the XML content environment, regardless of format, with the highest degree of accuracy and retention of content integrity.
I'm excited about the opportunity to help ARI develop and deploy a technology strategy on a global scale that can build on that reputation as well as provide expanded products and services that depend on our data conversion and management capabilities," said Hemphill.
a leading provider of enterprise content integration software and business-to-business commerce solutions, and Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), an industry leader in managing and implementing large scale, complex data conversions, today announced they have entered into a joint service alliance.
organizations are reporting a gap between their capabilities and requirements" said Mark Gross, President of Data Conversion Laboratory.
A published data conversion methodology that can be purchased.