data frame

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For example, in Chapter 3, the authors discuss that ArcMap assigns a coordinate reference system to the data frame according to the one defined with the data set that is initially loaded.
Data of a selected CAN ID can also be displayed on the Blackbox in realtime, because the cycle duration of the data frames is equal or greater than 40ms.
TASK MANAGEMENT frames (IU 16), XFER_RDY frames (IU 05), Read/Write DATA frames (IU 01), and the RESPONSE frames (IU 07) that carry SCSI Status.
With that feature enabled, a newly deployed Cisco AP will listen to the above-mentioned Multicast Data Frame to determine the address of its nearest controller.
Program Chair, John Battelle, Executive Chairman of Federated Media and Tim O'Reilly, CEO of O'Reilly Media, have confirmed a line-up of industry thought leaders who will focus on this year's theme: The Data Frame.
It supports triggering on a data frame, and allows engineers to specify message IDs, data and data length for filtering messages of interest.
Program Chair, John Battelle , Executive Chairman of Federated Media and Tim O'Reilly, CEO of O'Reilly Media, declare the theme: The Data Frame, analyzing the impact of data as a framing device to understand and discuss the future of the Web.
We also wanted data frame muxing compression and frame-forwarding capabilities.
FlexRay delivers the error tolerance and time-determinism performance requirements for x-by-wire applications -- such as drive-by-wire, steer-by-wire and break-by-wire -- and has a data frame up to 127 words (254 bytes), which is more than 30 times the amount offered by a Control Area Network (CAN) bus.
This technique adjusts data frame, acknowledgement and response parameters according to the number of users, level of wireless activity, and other network conditions.
The application also supports IPv6 and IPv6 CP for each PPP session and data frame.
The AR5800 antenna/RF module is a compact unit that reads and writes data over the two-way RF communication link to a tag's variable data frame.