data hierarchy

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data hierarchy

The system of data objects which provide the methods for information storage and retrieval. Broadly, a data hierarchy may be considered to be either natural, which arises from the alphabet or syntax of the language in which the information is expressed, or machine, which reflects the facilities of the computer, both hardware and software.

A natural data hierarchy might consist of bits, characters, words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. One might use components bound to an application, such as field, record, and file, and these would ordinarily be further specified by having data descriptors such as name field, address field, etc. On the other hand, a machine or software system might use bit, byte, word, block, partition, channel, and port.

Programming languages often provide types or objects which can create data hierarchies of arbitrary complexity, thus allowing software system designers to model language structures described by the linguist to greater or lesser degree.

The distinction between the natural form of data and the facilities provided by the machine may be obscure, because users force their needs into the molds provided, and programmers change machine designs. As an example, the natural data type "character" and the machine type "byte" are often used interchangably, because the latter has evolved to meet the need of representing the former.
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The data synchronization capability is currently being incorporated into the AMC strategy map and SMS data hierarchy to support other critical AMC logistics management functional areas, including reset, left-behind equipment, and LOGCAP.
Users are not restricted to a pre-defined data hierarchy, and can drill down on any logical data point.
Retaining mask data hierarchy as long as possible is one way of doing that as it provides for more efficient operation of our software and production equipment," said Paul Chipman, executive vice president development products group of DuPont Photomasks, Inc.
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shdsl solutions, incorporation with their dedicated firmware, OEMs and network operators can provide a seamless integration of copper and fiber in Synchronous Data Hierarchy (SDH) metropolitan access platforms and provide leased line services as a natural extension of their optical metropolitan network.
Today, SPARC Technology Business announced that Siemens is a major design win under the telecommunications portion of the Embedded SPARC Advantage strategy Siemens will base its new line of TransX-press Synchronous Data Hierarchy transmission systems on SPARC Technology Business, SPARC processors.
The open and flexible data hierarchy of CDP can precisely replicate the relational data structures of other forecasting systems.

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