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Learn how to better maintain privacy, tune your individual antennae to pick up social engineering, and make anti-virus and anti-malware programs part of your regular data hygiene.
As the authors note, maintaining high standards of data hygiene is difficult anywhere, but particularly so if we lack the will to prioritize public health even when resources are scarce.
While there is time, insurers and regulators should begin work on ensuring sound data quality, data hygiene, and holistic data governance for both internal corporate information and external data broker information.
Sometimes, measures which we call data hygiene could actually lower or mitigate this risk-from as simple as developing a strong password, using a two-factor authentication, and getting to know all these modus, etcetera,' he added.
Michael Stallings, executive vice president of Comergence, said, "We understand that data hygiene is the biggest challenge when it comes to database management.
Additional services include a data hygiene program, a Salesforce CRM data integration app, data feeds to populate and update any CRM or data warehouse, data-driven market insight and strategic guidance.
To prevent this future, we all need to make sure that we are practicing a functional level of data hygiene.
These results came as an amalgam of direct marketing techniques and digital touches to support approaches rooted in customer intelligence, list generation and data hygiene.
Data hygiene is handled at front end of database builds and updates.
BB Direct is a leading source of quality mailing lists, data enhancement, and data hygiene.
Ongoing data hygiene is reflected in accurate patient records and is achieved with incremental as well as batch prevention of new duplicate records.
The companies said the new service enhances ADP's DataFresh product with AbiliTec, Acxiom BestAddress and Acxiom ChangePlus, three data integration and data hygiene offerings.