data reduction

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data reduction

[′dad·ə ri‚dək·shən]
(computer science)
The transformation of raw data into a more useful form.
The conversion of all information in a data set into fewer dimensions for a particular purpose, as, for example, a single measure such as a reliability measure.

Data reduction

The transformation of information, usually empirically or experimentally derived, into corrected, ordered, and simplified form.

The term data reduction generally refers to operations on either numerical or alphabetical information digitally represented, or to operations which yield digital information from empirical observations or instrument readings. In the latter case data reduction also implies conversion from analog to digital form either by human reading and digital symbolization or by mechanical means. See Analog-to-digital converter, Digital computer

In applications where the raw data are already digital, data reduction may consist simply of such operations as editing, scaling, coding, sorting, collating, and tabular summarization.

More typically, the data reduction process is applied to readings or measurements involving random errors. These are the indeterminate errors inherent in the process of assigning values to observational quantities. In such cases, before data may be coded and summarized, the most probable value of a quantity must be determined. Provided the errors are normally distributed, the most probable (or central) value of a set of measurements is given by the arithmetic mean or, in the more general case, by the weighted mean.

Data reduction may also involve operations of smoothing and interpolation, because the results of observations and measurements are always given as a discrete set of numbers, while the phenomenon being studied may be continuous in nature.

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Albireo VDO combines fine-grained thin provisioning, inline data deduplication and the company's HIOPS[R] Compression for Linux-based storage solutions, while delivering an average 6:1 data reduction across mixed storage environments.
Delivering up to 672TB of usable storage at a data reduction rate of 6:1, the Concerto 2200 solution is focused on mixed and multiple workload environments and gives customers granular control at the file, share and share group level.
Data archiving, along with data tiering, is considered to be an effective data reduction technology.
1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Permabit Technology Corporation, the recognized leader in data reduction technology, today ushered in the next generation of storage efficiency with the release of Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) 5.
To better demonstrate FlashArray s actual performance against its data reduction claims, the company also launched the Pure Storage Dedupe Ticker on its website today, a first-of-its-kind tool that presents FlashArray's actual data reduction rates in aggregate across its installed customer base.
Data reduction certainly provides some benefits on this front, but additional measures are required to overcome network latency and loss, while squeezing even more out of limited WAN bandwidth.
Interpretive data reduction is accomplished through techniques that allow participants' voices and texts to be represented in the research reporting.
Data reduction includes the processes of selecting, focusing, simplifying, abstracting and transforming the raw data that appear in the individual test protocols.
Work done at NBS/NIST that contributed to the improvement of the accuracy of microanalysis included proposed models for data reduction programs, for the required parameters, and for their performance with computers.
amino acid derivatives, peptide derivatives) whose analysis provides enabling technologies, including appropriate tools for data reduction and analysis.
Using PCIe solid state and Phased Data Reduction, the NexGen n5 Storage System delivers up to 76 times higher virtual machine (VM) storage density than a typical disk drive deployment2 resulting in up to 90 percent storage operating expense savings.
18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Permabit Technology Corporation, the industry leader in data reduction technology, today announced Micro Strategies Inc.

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