Data Retrieval

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data retrieval

[′dad·ə ri′trē·vəl]
(computer science)
The searching, selecting, and retrieving of actual data from a personnel file, data bank, or other file.

Data Retrieval


a type of information retrieval providing concrete pieces of data. Data retrieval may thus be distinguished from other types of information retrieval, such as reference retrieval, which permits the obtaining of information on source documents.

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A questionnaire was filled regarding satisfaction, time management, data retrieval, record keeping and confidentiality of medical records and results analyzed.
The Data Retrieval Tool will return October 1 on the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.
Omni Data Retrieval has been a preferred provider of criminal record research for BackChecked customers since 2007.
Whether this is a one-year stall or an overall flattening out, I think it's just too early to tell," says Kathleen Brantley of Market Data Retrieval.
National Data Retrieval, which also is based in Alpharetta, has 26 fulltime employees, all of whom will be retained, plus a nationwide network of approximately 400 independent collection contractors.
Dozens of forms, flowsheets, policies, checklists, surveys and data retrieval worksheets can be photocopied and used immediately.
An optional built-in modem provides data retrieval capability.
Also, a full data retrieval system can be supplied, either as a stand alone or integrated system, incorporating a PC, monitor, network card, Windows, Office 97 and printer.
is a leading provider of internet services, solutions for online technology and data retrieval tools.
Market Data Retrieval (MDR) has released its definitive educational technology report, Technology in Education 1998.
It performs all the same functions as Focus-100, but with greatly expanded flexibility in terms of hardware platforms, data retrieval, and user-configurability.