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Agentrics DX is the preferred data pool for global data synchronization (GDS) by more than 20 of the world's largest retailers.
Starfish holds more data synchronization patents than any other synchronization solutions vendor.
It addresses data synchronization business processes and local attribute requirements to better support Japanese trade.
The objective for these awards was to recognize companies that have displayed leadership and dedication to data synchronization for betterment of the industry and their organizations", said Pat Walsh, Director, Industry Relations, FMI.
GS1 Canada will continue to provide data synchronization solutions using ECCnet Registry, Canada's national product registry, for over 3,000 companies in the Grocery, Foodservice, and Pharmacy sectors.
An industry pioneer of data synchronization, 1SYNC is a certified Data Pool in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).
But with the continued refinement of the standards, mpXML's members recognized that data synchronization for variable measure products was now practical.
JDA's leadership in providing high-performance merchandise management, planning, and revenue management solutions to the enterprise, combined with GXS' PIM and Global Data Synchronization solutions, represent the next-generation collaborative demand chain for retailers and suppliers," said Bobby Patrick, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of GXS.
By leveraging data synchronization we are removing friction from every step in the supply chain, creating internal efficiencies as well as benefiting our suppliers, retail customers and the end consumer.
MaXware, the global identity management expert, today announced the MaXware(TM) Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) Lite.
The software automates the internal and external data synchronization processes necessary to eliminate conflicting item definitions, outdated item information, duplicates and other errors contained in multiple enterprise databases and applications.