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The initial sum can be seen as the number of inevitable communication operations: a processor must either send or receive at least one data word if it occurs in a column.
The statistical decoder receives long series of variable-length symbols from memory as a sequence of 32-bit data words.
The consumer entity sends acknowledgment, selective acknowledgment, and selective reject messages that inform the producer entity of the current receive window size, the data word next expected, and the reception (or lack of reception) of out-of-sequence data segments.
XAP5 combines the economy of a 16-bit data word with a 24-bit address space for large programs up to 16 Mbytes, which suits devices designed for data-centric communications applications in markets such as consumer, industrial and retail.
Looking at the transactions from the PCIe bus in their deserialized form, as delivered by the PCIe acquisition module and shown in Figure 3, it becomes clear that the PCIe graphics card is indeed receiving the incorrect 13'EF data word.
An absolute encoder, by definition, produces a multi-bit data word.
Elixent's reconfigurable signal processing (RSP) architecture utilizes an array of 4-bit arithmetic logic units (ALUs), register and memory blocks that may be combined to support variable data word widths.
The DF1704 features 16/20/24-bit input audio data word, 16/18/20/24-bit output audio data word, 32kHz-96kHz sampling frequency, 256/384/512/768fs system clock, TTL input interface, -115dB stopband attenuation, +/-0.

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