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day nursery,


day-care center,



(krĕsh), institution for the care of the children of working parents. Originating in Europe in the late 18th and early 19th cent., day nurseries were established in the United States by private charities in the 1850s, the first being the New York Day Nursery (1854). Early day nurseries cared for children of all ages, but problems arising from inadequately trained and motivated staff caused most states to limit day nurseries to serving only children from two to five years old. The women's liberation movement, as well as other social developments of the mid-20th cent., spurred the growth of day nurseries and led to efforts designed to lower the age at which children may be cared for. Many centers now provide infant care. The federally funded Head Start program (est. 1965) was designed to provide a combination of educational and day-care services to children from poor families. The day nursery should not be confused with the nursery schoolnursery school,
educational institution for children from two to four years of age. It is distinguishable from a day nursery in that it serves children of both working and nonworking parents, rarely receives public funds, and has as its primary objective to promote the social
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, an educational institution with different objectives.


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Paul Ingram, director of Tiny Teddies Day Nursery, said: "This is a really exciting time for Tiny Teddies and we are looking forward to working to the families from the Allesley area and surrounding villages.
The nurseries are Reach High Day Nursery at Liscard Children's Centre, New Brighton Day Nursery at New Brighton Children's Centre, Honey Bees Day Nursery at Birkenhead and Tranmere Children's Centre (St Werbergh's Primary School), Miriam Place at Bidston St James Centre, Windmill Day Nursery at Claughton Children's Centre and Little Ferries Day Nursery at Rock Ferry Children's Centre.
Jenine Gill started Little Inspirations Day Nursery in 2003, with the first nursery opening at Llantrisant in November of the same year.
Sanita Jhalli, Nursery Manager of San's Day Nursery turned to the apprenticeship scheme after the growth of the business during the last 6 months.
20 April 2009 - Daisykins Day Nursery, 3 Whitehall Road Rugby +44(0)1788-55-22-00 http://www.
Rocking Horse day Nursery is one of eight run by The Rocking Horse Nurseries Ltd.
National in scope, with particular focus on several municipal day nursery associations and individual nurseries, this study investigates how these early day care centers were shaped by the women whose lives intersected there: the managers who founded the nurseries, the matrons hired to run them, and the mothers who sought their services.
The Kindergarten Day Nursery, on Smethwick High Street, is owned by Sandwell Labour councillor Gurinder Singh Josan, who represents St Paul's ward.
As long as Tolliver stayed in school, the Assistance League Day Nursery helped care for Breann.
Paul Ingram, director of Tiny Teddies Day Nursery, said: "This is a really exciting time for Tiny Teddies Day Nursery and we are looking forward to working with the families from the Allesley area and surrounding villages.
Let's have a look at what's available: Little Acorns Day Nursery in |Meltham is owned by Allison Lee who also has nurseries in Goole and York.
POLICE and fire-fighters are investigating whether arsonists are responsible for a blaze which caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to a Shirley day nursery.