de Broglie

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de Broglie.

For persons thus named use Broglie.
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De Broglie said the restaurant, which he sees as being a bigger success than the Paris one, was fully booked for its first three weeks.
There have indeed been several attempts to develop a deeper theory, and among these it is useful to consider the pilot wave theory of de Broglie and Bohm and stochastic electrodynamics.
Examine these factors and see they contain the de Broglie wavelength that underlies QM, and relativistic energy and momentum that is the mass increase of special relativity.
On ne peut que suivre alors la recommandation de Gabriel de Broglie : <<l'Etat doit, en tout etat de cause, entourer le recours a ces techniques d'identification de l'oeuvre de fortes garanties sur leur contenu, leur stockage, leur conservation et leur diffusion>> (206).
A moderate deputy such as Alexis de Tocqueville wavered in his commitment to general emancipation, and society officers such as duc Victor de Broglie proved to be disappointments when in power Hobbled by the government laws on association, the society could never hope for public rallies, since the police even prohibited a restricted meeting with British colleagues in 1842.
LE PRINCE JARDINIER 37 Rue de Valois, Paris | "It is not a store," insists Prince Louis-Albert de Broglie, owner of Le Prince Jardinier.
Whatever the explanation, the celebrated paintings of Madame Moitessier, the Princesse de Broglie, and the Vicomtesse d'Haussonville with which the exhibition comes to a triumphant end seem extraordinarily detached compared to the penetrating images of French officials in occupied Italy or the uncannily present portrait of Bertin.
More demure is Mme Baltard, sketched in pencil, her eyes sweetly uplifted under the braided, centre-parted hair fashionable at the time (Private Collection, Paris); and, demure beyond all demureness, delicate as the Sevres china on the glazed chimney-piece she leans against, the Vicomtesse d'Haussonville, youngest child of the Duc de Broglie and a descendant of Mme de Stael.
Other people in France felt differently, among them a certain Count Charles-Francois de Broglie, who had reasons of his own for championing the American cause.
Contractor address : Parc de la Duranne, 345 rue Louis de Broglie
are the de Broglie radii for the space and time directions respectively; and where [beta] = v/c < 1 and [gamma] = 1/ [square root of (1 - [[beta].