dead man's hand

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dead man’s hand

two aces, two eights; hand Wild Bill Hickok held when murdered. [Am. Slang: Leach, 299]
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This, and Allah, are our witnesses," and they pointed to a revolver in the dead man's hand.
He lies under suspicion of having poisoned the stable-boy, he was undoubtedly out in the storm, he was armed with a heavy stick, and his cravat was found in the dead man's hand.
You cannot have forgotten the singular knife which was found in the dead man's hand, a knife which certainly no sane man would choose for a weapon.
Benassis' arrival interrupted the discourse of a tall, simply- dressed woman, with thin locks of hair, who held the dead man's hand in hers in a way that spoke eloquently.
Disgusted with the odious spectacle, the youth was turning from the sight, after ordering the corpse to be removed, when the position of one of the dead man's hands struck him.
In poker the Dead Man's Hand consisting of the two black eights and two black aces and one other 2.
When Marjorie Trumaine, Lida's closest friend, and a skilled researcher and professional indexer, who lives in the farm adjacent to the Knudsens, is asked by Stark County Sheriff Hilo Jenkins to investigate the strange copper amulet discovered clutched in the dead man's hand, Marjorie can hardly refuse.
Of all the Rio Grande grips, my particular favorite, among many favorites, is the black grip panel with Wild Bill Hickok's Dead Man's Hand consisting of black aces and 8's and the jack of diamonds.
His accomplices had in the hole a dead man's hand - plus his legs, his head, his torso.
Ian Douglas McAteer, 44, was jailed after the murder of drug dealer Warren Selkirk who was shot at point-blank range at Crosby marina before the killer put a bag of dog excrement in the dead man's hand.
The last camera shot is a look at the placid river, which is broken by the sudden emergence of the dead man's hand.