dead man's hand

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dead man’s hand

two aces, two eights; hand Wild Bill Hickok held when murdered. [Am. Slang: Leach, 299]
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I think that we are both agreed, Inspector that the fragment of paper in the dead man's hand, bearing, as it does, the very hour of his death written upon it, is of extreme importance.
Now, in this case there was not the slightest doubt in my mind from the first that the key of the whole matter must be looked for in the scrap of paper in the dead man's hand.
Before going into this, I would draw your attention to the fact that, if Alec Cunningham's narrative was correct, and if the assailant, after shooting William Kirwan, had instantly fled, then it obviously could not be he who tore the paper from the dead man's hand.
I was certain that Alec had torn it out of the dead man's hand, and almost certain that he must have thrust it into the pocket of his dressing-gown.
Ian Douglas McAteer, 44, was jailed after the murder of drug dealer Warren Selkirk who was shot at point-blank range at Crosby marina before the killer put a bag of dog excrement in the dead man's hand.
The last camera shot is a look at the placid river, which is broken by the sudden emergence of the dead man's hand.
A respectful dissent from the conclusions of John Russell Brown, particularly concerning act 4, scene 1, the scene in which the crazed Ferdinand offers the Duchess a dead man's hand, produces the quietly triumphant conclusion that "the steady, overall illumination of the amphitheaters and halls, far from imposing a restriction on the actors and playwrights, meant that even in scenes of pretended darkness, the audience could see and respond to the visual media of the actors' craft" (232).
When Marjorie Trumaine, Lida's closest friend, and a skilled researcher and professional indexer, who lives in the farm adjacent to the Knudsens, is asked by Stark County Sheriff Hilo Jenkins to investigate the strange copper amulet discovered clutched in the dead man's hand, Marjorie can hardly refuse.
Of all the Rio Grande grips, my particular favorite, among many favorites, is the black grip panel with Wild Bill Hickok's Dead Man's Hand consisting of black aces and 8's and the jack of diamonds.
His accomplices had in the hole a dead man's hand - plus his legs, his head, his torso.
LAST-MINUTE preparations are being made for Bedworth Theatre Company's latest play, Dead Man's Hand, which will be performed at Bedworth Arts Centre tomorrow and Saturday at 7.
Using the power of the Unreal technology and the Xbox, Dead Man's Hand, a fast-paced western style first person shooter, is in development at Human Head Studios and will be shown for the first time at the show.