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On a dead track, it was fielding that created the only chances.
While wickets were desperately hard to come by, stroke playing was also dif-ficult on such a dead track with the result that spectators were served up the gruelling spectacle of batsmen surviving comfortably but rarely scoring quickly.
On a dead track, with heavy rain falling only minutes before the start, Americain broke well from gate 12 in the 23-horse field for the 150th running of the race.
Despite opening bowlers David Masters and Maurice Chambers bowling tight spells, Essex struggled to take wickets as they searched for victory on a dead track.
Kavanagh said he worked Shocking specifically with the 149th Melbourne Cup in mind, saying the 4-year-old Colt had needed a weekend run at the Lexus Stakes, which he won on a dead track here Saturday.
Another former skipper Ramiz Raja also lashed out at the authorities for preparing a dead track where more than 1500 runs were scored and only 18 wickets fell.
Ahead of his assignment, the dog trialled at Shelbourne Park on Wednesday night, and on what seemed to be a slightly dead track, he recorded a flying 28.
The Norton lads weren't that impressed in the first week but this time he bowled quickly on a dead track.
We have come under criticism for the dead track in Lahore but we had no say in it," said Inzamam.
After some unseasonably cold weather and a dead track, everyone now expects to see some startling times - and both runners improved markedly on Tuesday.
A spate of thefts in which disused train lines have been ransacked for valuable copper wiring has angered railway enthusiasts and people involved in the heritage preservation of dead tracks.
they could start with my second book, The Dead Tracks, then Vanished, as they dovetail in terms of characters and storylines.