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(mechanical engineering)
A device in which oxygen, carbon dioxide, or other noncondensable gases are removed from boiler feedwater, steam condensate, or a process stream.



a device for the deaeration of water—that is, the removal of gases dissolved in it. Deaerators are usually installed in steam power plants and are used to treat feed water delivered to steam generators and supplementary water delivered to the heating network. In the absence of deaeration the corrosive active gases usually dissolved in water (oxygen and free carbon dioxide), which are liberated in a steam generator or heating network, would cause corrosion of metals. Deaerators can be classified according to their principle of operation as thermal (the most widely used type), desorption, or chemical types.

air-oil separator

air-oil separatorclick for a larger image
A component in a gas turbine lubrication system in which air is removed from scavenged oil before its return to the oil tank. The scavenged oil is churned, resulting in air coming to the surface, which is then bled out before returning the oil to the tank. Also called a deaerator.
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In this case, the first choice would be a silicone-free deaerator.
Main components of the water injection unit are the deaerator tower, pumps and filter units.
Tenders are invited for Work of annual running breakdown maintenance of hp/lp valves, equipments, deaerator, condenser, 10/20 ata, heat exchanger etc.
Air Products has won the 2012 Ringier Coatings Technology Innovation Award for its new Airase 8070 deaerator, a high performance, siloxane polyether-based deaerator for controlling microfoam and pinholes in waterborne coatings, especially those applied with high-speed techniques such as airless or air-assisted spray.
New deaerator, boiler feed pumps, demineralization system and polishers will also be supplied.
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract of LPHs, Main Ejectors, GC1, GC2, Deaerator Tube Leakage & replacement of gaskets of tube nest in TM-II, TPS Parli-V.
Evonik has launched Tego Airex 921, a deaerator that has been designed specifically for UV-curable printing inks and coatings for food packaging.
The machine has no deaerator, and air entrainment at the wet end is 1.
Novel Deaerator Technology for Modern High-Solids Coatings--Christopher Howard, Evonik Industries
Delivery of the Unit 3 reactor vessel and the Unit 4 deaerator to the site.
Tego Airex 990 is a compatible deaerator for clear and pigmented coatings, strengthened by its ability to balance compatibility and effective deaeration.
John Taylor of Capella Technology reported on development of a centrifugal spinning vane deaerator with vacuum assist that claims to make air-free coating.