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Thanks to Deafblind Scotland, Robert, 54, of Stevenston, Ayrshire, and Gerry, 52, of Glasgow, know their way around the Braille chess board.
The Year Six youngsters at Bebside Middle School raised pounds 300 and decided to donate half of the proceeds to the charity Deafblind UK.
Some of these images capture the hopes and joys of what deafblind people want," added the 45-year-old, who started out working for The Sun as official celebrity photographer in 1978.
Each year, Sense organises 25 one-week holidays all over the country for more than 120 deafblind people.
A project which aims to make the voices of deaf and deafblind people heard has won a major lottery grant.
It is essential the Commission on Long Term Social Care recognise and protect the needs of deafblind people and take action now to plan for the longer term.
Sense has been awarded a pounds 7,799 grant from Santander to fund a project for 45 deafblind adults in the city.
His enjoyment of working with the people at the Institute and his wish to become more involved has led Richard to also volunteer at CIB's first ever deafblind club in partnership with Deafblind UK, which recently launched at the charity's headquarters.
A TEAM of legal eagles joined forces with a national hearing charity to create a special sensory garden for deaf and deafblind residents at a Midland care home.
I want to show other deafblind people that they don't have to sit in the house and do nothing.
The Level 2 health and social care students have visited the Sense SMART Centre in Smethwick, helping deafblind people with a series of creative projects.
Consideration will also be given to discrete interest in providing the alloted 4 services required for adults who are either deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind or blind or partially sighted.