death angel

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death angel:

see mushroommushroom,
type of basidium fungus characterized by spore-bearing gills on the underside of the umbrella- or cone-shaped cap. The name toadstool is popularly reserved for inedible or poisonous mushrooms, but this classification has no scientific basis.
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Acute poisoning that leads to a breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue--a syndrome known as rhabdomyolysis--is not often caused by a mushroom and is quite different from the effects of toxins produced by the notorious death cap and death angel, comments Petteri Nieminen of the University of Joensuu in Finland.
We played Century Media's Christmas party in 2004 with Death Angel and Strapping Young Lad in LA.
He'd been straight-arming the death angel for almost 30 years; nothing mortal can win that game of patience.