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Although the table olive production process has become a very high-tech industry in some aspects, one of the most important steps in the process, the debittering stage, is still very much based on the tradition, experience and subjectivity of the technicians who are in charge of it.
Erbas M The effects of different debittering methods on the production of lupin bean snack from bitter Lupinus albus L.
0 could be used to coagulate milk proteins for the dairy industry, as debittering agents in cheese and in peptide synthesis (SUMANTHA et al.
Several processes including green tea processing, fruit juice debittering and tannery effluent treatment could be thought using this naturally immobilized enzyme.
The consortium intends to provide the European dairy industry with tools, such as debittering and high-lysing starter cultures, that would improve the quality of cheese.
MEP's also backed amendments calling for controls on the debittering process of fruit juices.
Lyndel Costain is not opposed to debittering if it encourages people to eat more fruit and vegetables.
Laval Universitie (Quebec, Canada) has patented a process for debittering spent brewer's yeast, aiming at maximal efficiency with minimal impact on yeasts for their further use as live cells.
Hasegawa estimates his Okitsu collaborators may pinpoint the debittering gene by the end of this year.
Each "bug" has its own metabolic approach to debittering, he has found.
In addition to its biotech drug separation business, the Company has developed patented applications that provide large market opportunities in the food and beverage industry, including debittering citrus juices, extracting isoflavone (plant estrogen) from soy as well as extracting proteins from whey.
Lupinus albus (white lupin) seeds grown in Ethiopia and locally known as 'Gibto', is used as roasted bean 'kolo' and to prepare local alcoholic drink 'katikala' and other food products especially in the northwestern part of the country, after debittering by roasting and soaking the seeds in a river/spring water for 3-7 days (Personal communication with the local people).