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decal, decalcomania

Colored designs on special paper for transfer to unglazed or glazed ceramic ware or glass.
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In addition, all aircraft in Emirates fleet will also carry a new Expo 2020 nose decal.
The Expo decal applied on the Boeing 777 covers over 40 per cent of the aircraft fuselage surface area - spanning over 37.
Tip 2: With the Tree of Life type of decal you need to mark just one line: along the length of the fretboard, for it is on this that you will be putting this type of decal.
More than 80 businesses have already signed on to the decal initiative.
New vest designs and decals for use with inCourage System units allow patients to show their style and give them another way to personalize their therapy, the company said.
These approximately 13" illuminated decals easily mount to walls and provide a great night light with high/low brightness settings and auto shut-off.
The figures are examples of our dedication to speed and excellence," says Gary Gallas, president of Gallas Label & Decal.
According to the team's Web site, the decal will have the letters "S.
Includes one standard two-color vinyl decal, anchor, copper terminals and one standard cathodic protection decal.
The new Decal Grip Camo is aimed at giving a positive grip enhancement and tactical appearance to the MAGPUL MIAD/MOE grip.
The self-adhesive decal is attached to the wheel rim; if the temperature of the wheel exceeds 250[degrees]F (121[degrees]C) the label's temperature-sensitive white arrow changes to and remains bright orange, warning of an overheated wheel condition.