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decal, decalcomania

Colored designs on special paper for transfer to unglazed or glazed ceramic ware or glass.
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Although the decal lines from Amandas designs are associated with high-end customers, the makers of the products have decided to include something for everyone by increasing the product range and also selling the new items at more affordable prices.
The decal paper has widespread application ranges, including ceramics, glass, woodenwares, metals, crafts, toys, fishing rods & tackles, bicycles and motorbikes etc.
These approximately 13" illuminated decals easily mount to walls and provide a great night light with high/low brightness settings and auto shut-off.
People today care more about how a decal tastes," he observed, "so the roasters are caring more--much more.
The process automates the application of decals and eliminates the associated bottlenecks, scrap and rework.
It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Signs + Decal Corporation.
Assemblyman Schroeder, by contrast, does not think the legislature fundamentally overreached with the decal requirement, or that regulations governing teenage driving are overly burdensome.
A New Jersey law now requires teen drivers to identify themselves by sticking a red decal on their license plates.
Those cars were not required to display a state decal that allows hybrids to be operated in car-pool lanes on California freeways.
By attaching this 4 1/2-inch decal to your vehicle or house window, you are aligning yourself with a great American brand that is dedicated to preserving the shooting sports and the Second Amendment rights of all Americans.
has received a patent for a ceramic member comprised of a ceramic substrate; and a decal provided on a portion of the substrate as a marker for labeling the substrate.