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The findings point to the need for a significant program of research and development to make decarbonized gas a reality and allow consumers, businesses and policymakers greater flexibility and choice," said Schwecke.
Four key findings suggest that decarbonized gases distributed through the state's existing pipeline network are complementary with a low-carbon electrification strategy by addressing critical challenges to California's transition to a decarbonized energy supply.
First, decarbonized pipeline gas can help to reduce emissions in sectors that are for technical or customer-acceptance reasons difficult to electrify: 1) industrial end uses, such as process heating, (2) heavy duty vehicles, and (3) residential and commercial uses, such as cooking, and existing space and water heating.
Both "end-of-pipe" stationary capture from industrial plants and "out-of-pipe" mobile capture from the atmosphere are critical technologies in the necessary evolution to tomorrow's decarbonized energy systems.