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The apparent decay rate for specific interaction current can be described by the formulae
Using the corrected formaldehyde emission rate decay rates described above, I used the same probabilistic modeling analysis and input parameters that the CDC used to recalculate a range of formaldehyde concentrations in residential indoor air using a Monte Carlo simulation with 100,000 realizations using random combinations of the input parameters.
with an explicit formula for the decay rate of the energy.
Dental decay rates were also studied in relationship to five neighbourhood-level SES classifications: low, moderately low, moderate, moderately high, and high.
Note that in some situations, it is difficult to differentiate the degree of heterogeneity of the solution by mere observation of the correlation function and decay rate distribution functions, for example, in the case when the solution concentration is close to one another.
where r is called the decay rate because the number of excited atoms decays with time.
Data indicate that the decay rate for children in sixth grade has fallen from about 50 percent to just over 11 percent in five years.
Moreover, the required number of OTA antennas derived in [9] is an immediate result of the spherical wave expansion; information like the decay rate of the synthesized error is not available.
He added that because it's got this roundabout in it, it means that other heavy supersymmetric particles can potentially enter the roundabout and make a huge difference to the decay rate.
Sanda (34) found that CP violation appears in the form of a difference in the time-dependent decay rate of a [B.