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Estimations of average deceleration using Equation (6) are shown in Figure 4.
The average (negative) growth rate for countries experiencing growth decelerations in 1995-2005 was less than half that in previous decades, contributing to the more positive overall economic performance of the period.
The deceleration reflected decelerations in all major components except medicaid and health care.
The deceleration in employment was particularly marked in the goods-producing sector, where payrolls fell during the second quarter after posting strong gains in the early months of the year.
However, charges for cable television services continued their 1991 deceleration, with a 3.
The device is used to measure and record the deceleration rate of a cage during a free-fall simulation.
A soft deceleration has been taking place over the last year.
Ainsi, les credits octroyes au secteur prive ont vu leur taux de croissance annuel revenir de 4% a 3,4%, recouvrant une deceleration de celui des concours aux societes non financieres de 2,3% a 0,9%, et une hausse du taux de variation des prets alloues aux menages de 6,7% a 7,5%.
Rabat - Les creances sur l'economie ont marque, en glissement annuel, une deceleration de 6,5% a 3,8%en avril 2013, sous l'effet du ralentissement du credit bancaire a 3,9% contre 6,8 %, selon Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM).
Device Senses and Indicates Perceptible Deceleration to Following Drivers
The SIAD-R is one of three supersonic deceleration devices now being prepared for flight testing by the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.
Global deceleration will hit Russia via exports and credits.