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Mitral E velocity (ME), mitral A velocity (MA), mitral E wave deceleration time (MEDT), and LV isovolumic relaxation time (IVRT), defined as time period between the termination of aortic systolic wave and beginning of ME, were measured by locating the sampling volume cursor of pulsed Doppler in the apical four chamber position at 5 mm above the mitral leaflets tips.
The values of the measurements obtained by ultrasound were also significant between the two groups: deceleration time (DT, msec) 217.
Diastolic indices included: early and late transmitral diastolic velocities (E and A); early deceleration time (DT); systolic velocity ([S.
5 in association with short deceleration time less than 130-150 msec.
Other features include valuable local keypad control appointments, acceleration time, deceleration time, direction start/stop and stop method (controlled stop or coast).
8 in individuals >55 years, DT >220 ms, IRT >100 ms; pseudonormal: 1 < E/A < 2,150 ms < DT < 200 ms, IRT <100 ms; restrictive filling, E/A >2, DT <150 ms, IRT <60 ms, where E is the peak E-wave velocity and A is the peak A-wave velocity of the mitral inflow, DT is the deceleration time of the E wave, and IRT is the left ventricular isovolumic relaxation time (13).
A restrictive mitral-filling pattern--as evidenced by a shortened deceleration time of early mitral inflow and/or an elevated ratio of early to late diastolic filling--is a powerful predictor of functional capacity, which correlates with survival.
There was a restrictive physiology pattern of the left ventricle, however, with isovolumic relaxation time of 50 milliseconds, deceleration time of 160 milliseconds, and early to late diastolic filling ratio of 2.
Deceleration time is directly related to the actual load torque and inertia.
The 50-hp integral DDS motor produces a maximum spindle speed of 3,000 rpm with an acceleration / deceleration time of less that 3.
This includes the acceleration time, the deceleration time, when tape is stopped and is under tension, and when no tape is loaded.
Peak early filling velocity (E wave), peak atrial systolic velocity (A wave), early-to-late diastolic flow ratio (E/A), deceleration time (dTE), isovolumic relaxation time (IVRT) and isovolumic contraction time (IVCT) were measured for the tricuspid valve (26).