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Nevertheless, these differences may be reconciled from a Christian perspective by placing the emphasis on learning how to decenter so that refocusing is possible.
In order to most effectively help college students decenter and become beneficent stewards of their communities, the ideals may be to (a) promote exposure to people different from students (in our case, refugees), (b) provide opportunities in which students observe firsthand the experiences of others, e.
Among other measures, the Experiences Questionnaire emerged as a brief and usable self-report instrument intended to capture the ability to decenter from thoughts and feelings (Fresco, Moore et al.
Derridean theory examines the interrelationships between center and decenter part of social structure.
This question defines what is at stake in the feature of the poem that is most often cited by critics like Perloff who ascribe a paradigmatic status to Gunslinger--that is, the way Dorn's poem notoriously decenters its own first-person voice.
That Senghor was a member of the Academie Francaise suites Giguere's agenda to present respectable giants who contributed to French and English literature yet helped decenter English and French by relocating them within francophonie or the "new" or "postcolonial" literatures in English.
In Saladin, we find the experiences that have done most to decenter Rushdie personally--Saladin too is a boy of Muslim background from Bombay, who goes to school in England and embraces English ways, and then is forced to confront the racism he has carefully ignored because he worships this enticing, empowering, colonizing culture and its tantalizing dreams of fair play and justice.
For instance, he concludes a chapter with the following sentence: "It is precisely by appropriating the authoritative Elizabethan principles of 'orthodoxy, providentialism, and hierarchy,' and then (in Yachnin's phrase) arraying them indeterminately along an axis of interpretive positions, that Shakespeare's history plays decenter those principles and demystify their claim to the status of divine and immutable truth" (98).
Aquinas's God is uncanny, playful and infinitely ecstatic, his proofs for God's existence serve to decenter our egos, while his theses of God's simplicity and immutability portray a transcendent whirlwind of energy beyond "the beings.
While Harris effectively imposes reconstructed European folkloric frameworks on each of the novels, she fails to acknowledge that Morrison uses inversion, subversion, and reversal as devices to decenter Euro-American world views only to replace them with African and African American folkloric paradigms.
States regularized their own interactions within the framework of diplomatic treaties, international organizations, or norms and standards of behavior, but he decenters the state for this study.
I propose that the play decenters both its melodramatic romance and political "thesis" to exceed the limits of gender and genre.