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Any of the points which divide the total number of items in a frequency distribution into 10 equal parts.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A decile is a minor aspect of 36°, created by subdividing a circle (360°) into ten parts. It is half of a quintile (72°) and is thus related to the family of aspects derived from dividing a circle into fifths. Like quintiles, deciles refer to the aptitudes or talents related to the planets involved in the aspect, though the influence of a decile is less marked. It is given an orb of influence of 1°—2°.

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My Education (Social Investment Funding and Abolition of Decile System) Amendment Bill will replace the decile system with a needs index that more accurately indicates which students are most at risk of not achieving and therefore in need of more support.
This variable also gives a clear indication of difference between lower and higher decile, which is also an indication of inequalities and its dis-connects for a society.
Almost all of the incremental personal income tax (86% of the net) would be paid by those in the top decile.
According to these calculations, to spend no more than 30% of the disposable income on housing, the maximum monthly outlay for rent or a mortgage should be NIS 554 for the lowest decile, NIS 1,159 for the second decile, and NIS 1,704 for the third decile.
That decile is further broken down into 'Executive,' those who belong to the top 1 percent, and still further into the top one-tenth of one percent are labeled 'CEO.
Since the number of households in the Population Census was not presented by income class, we suppose that in one decile of the household survey there is one tenth of the number of households in the Population Census as per Murasawa et al.
Sensitivity analyses with household income decile adjusted at a national and provincial level were conducted to determine if the association between SES and frequency of fruit juice/drink consumption was attenuated at a larger geographic scale.
It is clear that average size, especially measured by sales, monotonically decreases as the misclassification likelihood increases (higher decile means higher likelihood of misclassification).
9 This is partially due to the indirect effects of influenza on the agricultural sector, since capital income from this sector accounts for 27 per cent of the poorest rural household income, 11 per cent of the rent for the second decile and 10 per cent of the income for the third decile.
The deciles of equivalised household disposable income, representing people's pre-retirement standard of living, are jointly significant for the pooled sample (not reported) and also the male subsample, but the differences mainly exist between the top and bottom deciles.
The top decile of HFRI constituents gained an average of 10.
The average returns to the value-weighted size decile portfolios are shown in Table 3.