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To find the base when the rate and percentage are given, reduce the rate either to a common fraction or to a decimal fraction.
Convert the decimal fraction to a decimal first by writing the numerator (725).
The theoretical rate was based on the percentages, converted to decimal fractions, provided by Fehr (1987).
We used manipulatives such as fraction strips, flats (10 x 10 grid paper), longs (10 x 1 strips) and cubes (wooden cm cubes) to introduce, develop and relate common and decimal fraction concepts and operations.
But no item was set to directly represent the content area of decimal fraction which has a weight of 15 % in the curriculum.
Where a decimal fraction is less than one we should use a leading zero (0.
This could lead them to conjecture that decimal fractions will terminate if their denominator is any combination of powers of 2 and powers of 5.
The results reported in the article are not at all surprising when you read (1) that money is clearly the favored context used to teach decimals, and (2) that common and decimal fractions are treated as separate entities.
Mathematical, Cognitive, and Instructional Analyses of Decimal Fractions.
The building materials are conceptual understanding and the ability to perform arithmetic manipulation on whole numbers, decimal fractions, and common fractions.
An extensive study of common fraction understanding and decimal fraction understanding was undertaken in upper socio-economic suburbs of Hobart, Tasmania.
By confronting this problem and raising students' awareness of the use of decimals and the variations in the language used; most students are able to see and recognise the decimal fraction as both an everyday term and a mathematical value.