decision speed

decision speed (V1)

The speed above which, in the event of a power-unit failure, takeoff must be continued and below which takeoff must be abandoned. Decision speed depends on weight and runway dimensions.
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The question is how do we take the data and turn it into decision speed, and create effects?
8) Second, decision speed in warfare is itself an axis of competition.
This is about how we ensure we can get to decision speed and achieve operational agility at a speed that provides multiple dilemmas to an enemy from all domains at a speed that no adversary can match.
5) The Global Integrated ISR Command would develop doctrine and plans to enable "leaders to make informed decisions at a superior decision speed to help ensure freedom of action, maintain deterrence, contain crises, and achieve operational success" (emphasis in original).
Specifically it will be evaluated in: a)big biostreams where the decision speed is critical and needs non-linear and multi-parametric estimators for clinical decision support within limited time, b)big-data from non-malignant diseases where the need for NGS and molecular data analytics requires the combination of cloud located resources, coupled with local demands for data and visualization, and finally c)big-data from chronic diseases including EHRs and medication, with needs for quantified estimates of important clinical parameters, semantics extraction and regulatory issues for integrated care.
Thus, a new form of speed emerges, namely the decision speed, which shows itself in correlation to the anticipation capacity and the reaction speed" (Rata, 2008, pag.
Using path analysis, self-efficacy was reported to be a consistent predictor of decision speed, but not of decision quality.
Decision speed is the newest of the broad factors and is still being researched for its impact on learning and achievement (Flanagan, Ortiz, Alfonso, & Mascolo, 2006).
The Veterans Benefits Management System is a new electronic claims processing system that employs rules-based technologies to improve decision speed and quality.
Because increasing decision speed is the most effective way to increase sales revenue.
The aircraft had already reached 127kt, just shy of the V1 decision speed, and had also used up 86m of runway in the early stage of departure by rolling slowly before full thrust was applied.
Part of learning to fly twins involves being coached about selecting a go/no-go decision speed, as well as how to safely abort a takeoff--in other words, thinking ahead about what you would do if things don't go according to plan.

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