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Given the demonstrated savings, at-risk groups using an EB decision support system could realize enough savings to easily cover the costs of EHRs, or could motivate payers (who realize the savings) to help fund same or provide contract incentives.
another pioneer in decision support, was among a handful of large companies that understood early that decision support capabilities were crucial to its abilities to run a multinational growth company.
The relationship will heighten access to Premier's performance measurement tools from HBOC decision support systems and continue to facilitate additional expansion of the databases," says Ben Latimer, Premier vice chairman, whose responsibilities include Premier's decision support services business unit.
Adoption rates to demonstrate how often employees enrolled in a specific health plan given its actual performance in the decision support tools,
On average, 23 percent of decision support users and 10 percent of non-users enrolled in a CDHP (if available).
SafeMed has developed healthcare's most advanced Clinical Decision Support system, based on its proprietary nDimensional Analysis(TM) engine that analyzes all known patient information, regardless of volume or complexity, in milliseconds.
MedAssets, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, improves healthcare providers' margin and cash flow through revenue cycle and supply chain initiatives as well as decision support technology and services.
The company's primary business is providing real-time clinical decision support software to hospitals across the country.
Healthcare Insights, LLC provides intelligent business decision support and management accountability software for the healthcare industry, as well as educational training and business application consulting services.
Once rollout is complete this summer, Horizon Expert Orders will be the baseline technology used for hospital-wide decision support at the point of care, with more than 1,000 physicians using the system.
The Network brings together key representatives from hospitals and integrated delivery systems currently implementing clinical decision support systems.
Clinical decision-support tools are becoming increasingly available to the 60% of US physicians who practice in smaller groups, according to the report, "Clinical Decision Support for the Independent Physician Practice.

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